Felix Garcia


Felix is the owner and head instructor of Artista. Since he started jiu-jitsu, training and teaching have become his passion. His goal is to impact both children and adult lives positively with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


Kevin Mendez


Kevin Mendez was introduced to Jiu-jitsu by his cousin Felix. Although only a teenager he is very disciplined and has a passion for learning and competing. Kevin loves working with our kids program and hopes to better children's daily lives with Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.


Bernard Au


Bernard comes to Artista bjj via New York City, where he first started training under Professor Chris Encarnacion. Bernard has been a part of the Artista family ever since he moved to Nashville in 2014. Equally versed in gi and no gi jiu jitsu, Bernard favors no gi for the free movement. Students enjoy Bernard's classes because of his heavy focus on flow and technique.


Jordan Evans


Jordan got his first taste of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in 2006. He then went on to serve in the United states Marine Corps from 2007-2011 where he learned the USMC martial arts program which kept his interest in grappling but really became obsessed with the art upon moving to Nashville in 2012 when he became a part of our family. He is fascinated with how much there is to learn in jiu-jitsu and is extremely passionate about helping others reach their goals within the art. He teaches in a way that displays the core principles of jiu-jitsu and likes to offer multiple perspectives to every situation.